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Attorney for Kenneka Jenkins’ family tours Crowne Plaza Hotel

One of the attorneys for the mother of Kenneka Jenkins toured the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Rosemont Tuesday, taking photos and retracing the 19-year-old’s final steps, hotel officials said.

Larry Rogers Jr. and another investigator spent about an hour at the hotel, with some time spent in the hotel room Jenkins was last seen in on Sept. 9, according to Crowne Plaza spokesman Glenn Harston.

Rogers’ visit came after an invitation from the hotel, Harston said.

Attorneys for Jenkins’ mother and attorneys for the Crowne Plaza have been in contact in recent days, Harston said.

Last Thursday, the hotel publicized offers to allow Jenkins’ mother, Tereasa Martin, to view all 36 hours of surveillance footage captured by more than 40 different cameras throughout the hotel on the night Jenkins went missing.

Last Friday, Rosemont police opted to release nine video clips showing Jenkins walking through the hotel in the hours before her death.

The release of the videos came hours after the lawyer for Jenkins’ mother said “Serious questions remain” about the circumstances involving Jenkins’ death.

Jenkins left her home near the United Center at 11:30 p.m. on Sept. 8 to go to a party in a room of the Crowne Plaza Hotel, according to Rosemont Police.

An hour later, Martin – who had recently undergone a double mastectomy – was at the hotel.

Hotel staff and management searched the hotel and discovered Jenkins inside a freezer at 12:24 a.m. the next day, police said.

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