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Backlash After Black College Student Pinned Down by 5 Campus Security Officers


A black Columbia University senior went to get some free food in the Barnard Milstein Center late Thursday night when he was pinned down by campus security, asked to leave the building repeatedly, and had his ID confiscated, video shows.

It is Columbia policy that students must show ID to enter buildings after 11 p.m., but according to Barnard junior Caroline Cutlip, who filmed the incident, the rule that students must show their IDs at the gate is a “Casually enforced” one that “Many students do not follow.” In an interview with Columbia’s student newspaper the Columbia Spectator, McNab said he was aware of this rule, but was frustrated because he saw inconsistent enforcement between white students and students of color.

Cutlip, a member of student government, had brought some food leftover from a student government meeting to the library.

They posted about food on a free food student Facebook group.

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