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Black 22-Year-Old Software Engineer Murdered By White Neighbor Months After Court Denied Request For Protective Order

According to ABC 11, Tyrique Hudson was fatally shot in the stairwell of his apartment complex while he was leaving for work on April 15.

Hudson just moved to the area to start a job as a software engineer at Northrop Grumman.

Hudson completed a five-year early college program in only four years while in high school and then earned a computer science degree at North Carolina A&T University in under three years.

“He’s never had any confrontations or any fights,” Hudson’s mother, Tonya Burch, told ABC 11.

Earlier this year, Hudson went to court to obtain a protective order against the suspect.

During one interaction on February 16, Hudson was confronted by Verombeck while he was taking out trash.

Verombeck allegedly told him “You knew this day was coming,” while making a throat-cutting “Death gesture” Burch told ABC 11.

When Hudson attempted to get a court order barring Verombeck from making physical or verbal contact, District Court Judge Devy Patterson Russell denied the motion, citing a lack of evidence.

Hudson’s family is now preparing for his funeral, which will be held on April 27.


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