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Carnival fight investigated after Pennsylvania officers appear to choke, slam teenage girls


A wild fight at a Pennsylvania carnival has sparked a police investigation after an officer was seen on cellphone video appearing to put a teenage girl in a chokehold while a second policeman slams another girl to the ground.

In footage of the melee, an officer is seen on the ground with his arm tightly around a teenage girl’s neck as she appears to cry.

When one girl from the crowd takes a step toward the officer, he swings at her.

She responds by punching the officer several times in the head. A second officer comes to the first officer’s aid and slams the girl to the ground.

A police spokesperson declined to name the officers involved and said in a statement Monday that the department was investigating the matter.

“We’ve received several videos and social media posts regarding how the officers conducted themselves. A full and thorough investigation is being conducted. We are committed to uncovering all of the relevant facts and will proceed transparently and impartially,” the statement read. The girl placed in the headlock told NBC Philadelphia that she repeatedly told the officer choking her that she couldn’t breathe, but he would not let go.

“This wasn’t an act of terror by the police. These officers were overcoming a significant amount of resistance.”


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