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Chicago Activists Say Serial Killer Has Been Targeting Black Women For 20 Years; Demand Action From Cops

After facing increased amounts of pressure from local activists, the Chicago Police Department started a probe into the unsolved killings of 51 women to determine if a serial killer is to blame.

According to a report by the Murder Accountability Project, a Virginia-based nonprofit group that analyzes data from national homicides, all of the 51 women were strangled or asphyxiated and “Have characteristics of serial murder.” In early April 2019, Gregg Greer of Freedom First International spoke at a Police Board meeting about the killings, saying, “We believe that there is a serial killer in Chicago that is on the loose.” Although Police Supt.

Eddie Johnson responded by saying there’s no evidence to suggest a serial killer is responsible for any of the 51 murders, which started in 2011, he did confirm his detectives have opened a new review into the cases, reported the Chicago Sun-Times.

The officials with the Murder Accountability Project who finalized the report have been in communication with Chicago detectives.

Of the 21 DNA profiles, there were no matches or indications that there was a serial killer involved, Guglielmi said.

According to the Murder Accountability Project’s report, most of the 51 victims in Chicago were found in alleyways, garbage cans, empty lots or abandoned buildings.

“It’s got every element for a classic pattern.” “It actually stretches credulity to imagine that these 51 women were killed by 51 separate men,” Hargrove added.

Hargrove, a retired Washington journalist, said he’s “Relieved” the Chicago police are “Taking a hard look” at the 51 killings, reported the Sun-Times.


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