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Classic Nintendo Has Parents Playing Videos Games

The new Digital Games and Family Life infographic from the Joan Ganz Cooney Center at Sesame Workshop puts “Mario” in big navy blue letters.

It seems Nintendo’s classic is the video game franchise that parents are most likely to enjoy playing with their kids.

Nintendo somehow made the picture and the sounds clear enough that old games come across as fresh and modern, even on our Vizio 4K Television.

Are video games like old Beatles records? Do you call it remastering? Everything seems sharper than I remember it.

It was a struggle to decide which one of us got the first chance to play Super Mario Run-Nintendo’s new mobile game.

I can see from the way their faces light up that my kids love it when pre-teen Jordan replaces work-a-day Dad. Honestly, it doesn’t happen all that much, but when it does, video games are usually involved.

Together, we play games before dinner and watch television or movies afterward.

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