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Girl Stabbed In The Neck, Dies Over Facebook Profoundly Game

An Illinois teen is dead after she was stabbed in the neck during a fight that was reportedly provoked by a new “anonymous” Facebook game.

19-year-old Charee Alexander of Peoria, IL died Friday (Apr. 12) after somehow becoming involved in a fight the day before.

According to Alexander’s mother, she wasn’t even the target of the fight, she was just there as an innocent bystander supporting her sister who had gotten into an altercation with another girl.

Social media posts suggest Alexander’s sister was beefing with a group of girls over comments left on a new Facebook game called “Profoundly” that allows people to ask questions and/or leave comments for others anonymously.

The girl who received the anonymous comments blamed Alexander’s sister, which set off a horrible chain of events.

Here’s the backstory, according to a friend who was there when Alexander was stabbed (emphasis ours):

“Before everybody gets on here lying and trying to make a truth. We NEVER wanted to fight. Shatiya didn’t want to fight lexis from the jump because all she wanted to do was fight over a dude.

“Lexis came to Shatiya job twice trying to fight her.. calling her manager trying to get her fired all over nothing. We decided why not get it over with instead of looking over our shoulder all summer all because somebody was insecure enough to fight over a ni**a.

“Yes, we came deep only because we knew how they got down. There was a CLEAN fight nobody jumped in Shatiya took her wins all 3 times and we were Done. Nobody got jumped nobody needed to use a weapon. Alexis even came and tried to fight me but Reece wouldn’t let anything happen..

“The knife was brought out once Jacolby came and she just had to go after Charee.. This all started because Alexis thought we were the ones sending her messages on the anonymous game when we were all busy the day her and HER FRIENDS decided to make a status about Shatiya.


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