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‘I think it’s a cap gun,’ the police officer said. He opened fire on an eighth-grader moments later.


Lorenzo Clerkley Jr., an eighth-grader from Oklahoma, did not know he had been shot until he started urinating on himself.

Another police officer – not the one who shot him – was waiting for him in front of the abandoned house where he had been playing with five other friends, he said.

The teenagers had been playing with replica guns, they say, and someone had called the police to report a break-in with potentially armed suspects.

Lorenzo is back in school despite the entry and exit wounds he still has to treat every day.

Sgt. Kyle Holcomb, the officer who shot him, has returned to work, having been cleared criminally, the police department said, after the district attorney decided not to file charges.

Video of the shooting from Holcomb’s body camera, which Lorenzo’s lawyer released to The Washington Post as his family prepares to file a lawsuit, may raise questions about the shooting.

Lorenzo’s family said they believe the video shows the shooting was unjustified, that it was part of a pattern of misconduct at the Oklahoma City Police Department.

“I think it’s a cap gun, but they are shooting something off.” He approached the wooden fence that rings the house’s yard, moving toward one of the many holes in it, the video shows.

“Drop the gun!” he then said, before radioing in the incident.

“Shots fired, shots fired. Black male with a gray hoodie had the gun.” Lorenzo’s lawyer, Dan Smolen, said the video footage was unedited.

Police released a photo of the gun they said Lorenzo had carried in his hand, saying it was a BB gun that mimicked a real handgun.

Capt. Robert Mathews, the department’s spokesman, said the gun was found in the backyard, where he said Lorenzo had dropped it.

In an interview with The Post, Lorenzo said he did not have a gun on or near him at the time of the shooting.


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