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Kenneka Jenkins Died From Hypothermia, Had Drugs, Alcohol In System

Cook County medical examiners say death Kenika Jenkins, 19, found dead in a freezing room September 10 at the Coron Plaza Hotel in Rosemont, Accident, with the poisoning of alcohol and drugs, were contributing factors, reports the Chicago Press. Jenkins died of hypothermia after experiencing conditions in walking in the freezer, the medical examination office said in a press release issued on Friday. Detoxification tests on alcohol and topiramate, a treatment for epilepsy/migraine, were detected in the women’s system. The blood alcohol concentration (BAC) was 0.112, which is higher than the 0.08 pak level which is considered a legal project for Illinois motorists, the forensic office said.

Chicago Press The autopsy revealed that the essential factor in death was cold exposure, and the alcohol and drugs in its system were able to accelerate the onset of hypothermia and death. Jenkins did not have a prescription for topiramate, her family told the investigators. “Alcohol and tibramate are synergistic, and when combined, the effect of either or both drugs is enhanced, alcohol, can cause dizziness,” said the forensic doctor. “The amount of the drug in its system was in the” therapeutic range. ” ” Jenkins’ death became a point of contention, as friends and family questioned whether there were errors in the game, the station reports. After she went to the September 8 party in the hotel.

Early authorities suspected Jenkins walked in the refrigerator for Jenkins’s surveillance videos The hotel, including the kitchen area, walks around by itself, and at some points that appear confused. There is no video of Jenkins entering the freezer actually, hotel officials said. The autopsy did not find any evidence of a quarrel with another person before her death and no evidence of trauma due to ill-treatment

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