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Lil Nas X Has Wrangler Jeans Collab and Country Fans Are Pissed

Unfortunately the capsule collection, which takes inspiration from Nas X’s Wrangler-mentioning breakout single, “Old Town Road,” has upset more than a few Wrangler customers and country fans.

Just below the brand’s official Instagram post helping announce the collection, you can see numerous comments bashing or questioning Wrangler, a traditionally country-leaning brand, for teaming up with Lil Nas X, a 20-year-old rapper whose country-infused single has been sitting atop the Billboard Hot 100 chart for seven weeks now.

The new Wrangler collection includes a variety of jeans and shirts that quote a lyric from “Old Town Road.” On the last verse of the song, the Georgia rapper sings, “My life is a movie/Bull ridin’ and boobies/Cowboy hat from Gucci/Wrangler on my booty.” That last bar is the one that’s emblazoned on items in the new Wrangler Jeans collection.

For their part, the folks operating Wrangler’s social media team responded to a few of the comments and basically told folks they weren’t going to cut the line-and they don’t regret the Nas X collab.

“Thank you for your feedback Austin. Wrangler Lil Nas X collection is a limited edition collection created to celebrate this era of music, culture and style,” Wrangler wrote in one response to a comment critiquing the brand.

See country fans’ angry reactions to Wrangler’s new Lil Nas X capsule collection for yourself below.

Source: XXL

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