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Oprah’s Spiritual Healer Has Committed Sex Crime To Over 100 Women, And His Daughter

Oprah Winfrey (pictured right) has been making a bad name for herself by attempting to destroy the successful generational legacies of two black men and their families.

A two-part documentary she produced with HBO called Leaving Neverland was centered around the stories of two white grown males she interviewed who shared what many considered to be fabricated stories. The two white males talked to Winfrey about the series of sexual assaults they allegedly endured as young boys at the hand of the late Michael Jackson.

However, Jackson’s family was not at all pleased with Winfrey’s smear campaign against their legendary loved one. In addition to its legal action taken against Winfrey, the Jackson Family responded with a documentary of its own called Neverland Firsthand. This production was organized to refute the damaging claims Winfrey’s documentary series made about Jackson.

But Winfrey was not through with black America yet.

According to a number of national U.S. media sources, the former tabloid talk show host is coming for another black man who many consider as the “Godfather of Hip-Hop.” Def Jam Recordings co-founder Russell Simmons is currently being targeted by Winfrey in another upcoming documentary.

This Winfrey-produced documentary is based on the legally unfounded story of a woman who claimed Simmons raped her in 1995. Winfrey’s actions against Jackson and Simmons reak of betrayal. She befriended both of these men gleefully at one point during their careers. Who’s purpose is Winfrey serving now in her efforts to totally destroy them?

However, the matriarchal media mogul’s good friend and phony spiritual healer João Teixeira de Faria (pictured left) has been spared from Winfrey’s onslaught of sex crime smear campaigning. De Faria (known as John of God) was sentenced to 19 years in prison for committing a slew of heinous sex crimes against hundreds of women.

Despite the horrific details about the facts outlined in De Faria’s criminal case, Winfrey (a sexual assault survivor herself) has done nothing to help tell the stories of the victims who were savagely violated by De Faria. A court in his native country of Brazil even proved that De Faria sexually victimized his own daughter.

Where is Winfrey’s dossier of dirt on this convicted monster? Why has he been off the billionaire’s radar during her oppressive bombshell campaign against two prominent black men in America who have never been convicted of any crimes?

The world deserves to know why and hear the answer from you, Ms. Winfrey.

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