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Sex Magic: How to Cast Spells with Your Orgasms


In private she attributes her success to masturbating under the full moon.

Korvette, the editrix of Slutist and a professor of the New School’s classTheLegacy of the Witch,” is a practitioner of sex magic, using sexual energy formanifestation.

Given the preponderance of love spells and evil-yet-seductive witches in popculture, it’s understandable that sex magic is so often misunderstood.

According to those who practice the erotic craft, it’s just another form ofmagical manifestation.

You have an intention, and you’re using orgasms or sex as a tool to achievethat particular intention,” explains Cat Cabral, a Wiccan priestess who managedthe East Village occult shop Enchantments for more than a decade.

Bri Luna, owner of The Hood Witch, agrees with this characterization.

We’re not talking about how to be sexy or have an enhanced libido. We’regetting down to manifesting, talking about harnessing sexual energy to makevery real results,” she says.

Sexual energy is just energy. It’s neutral.” Neutral, maybe, but extremelypowerful nonetheless.

With sex magick, all you need is to reach orgasm and you can change yourworld,” writes Damon Brand in Adventures in Sex Magick.


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