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Trump Signed the First Step Act for Criminal Justice Reform. Here’s the Second Step

Possession of a drug stays on your record and, with the existence of companies like Google, nonviolent offenders have evergreen and never-ending black mark.

In California, the average recidivism rate is 65%, but that rate can drop to 3% for people who get jobs soon after release.

One recent study found that when people’s eligible criminal records are expunged-and that employment barrier removed-their employment rates and earnings both increase.

The new law requires automatic sealing of records for misdemeanor offenses if a person has been free from convictions for 10 years.

South Carolina passed a measure earlier this year to make it easier for people to expunge certain low-level and first-time criminal offenses from their records.

Other states, including Colorado, Maryland, New Hampshire, and Oregon, are also making it easier for some people convicted of certain drug-related crimes to get their records sealed or expunged.

There is routine discrimination by employers against people who have committed crimes.

Even if you agree that employers should discern the records of former inmates, the greater cost to society is not having these people in jobs and generating tax dollars.

Such a change could have a significant impact, given how many people are currently imprisoned in this country.

Today, there are 2.2 million people in U.S. prisons and jails.

If we can wipe the record clean for people who have been in bankruptcy, we can certainly do something for nonviolent offenders as well.

This will increase employment for people with criminal records and help their families.


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