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Uber driver saves 16-year-old sex-trafficking victim

Avila, who has only been driving for Uber for a month, described the bizarre car ride in several interviews with local news stations.

He said the thing that stuck out to him first was the extremely short shirt the girl was wearing, and how he thought she looked too young to be wearing something so risque.

‘She had a really short skirt,’ Avila told KCRA. ‘So, you could see all her legs, and it struck me as odd because she was so young and she was dressing like that.

‘ Avila estimates that the car ride was probably only 13 minutes, but in that time, the two women were feeding a lot of information to the girl.

‘She starts coaching and saying OK when we get there the first thing you’re gonna do is give the guy a hug and you’re gonna ask if he has any weapons,’ Avila told KXTV. The woman then instructed the teen on how to pat down the John as she gave him a hug.

This conversation, combined with the girl’s clothing and young appearance caused Avila to become concerned.

When asked why he decided to get involved, Avila said: ‘Honestly I didn’t think about it.

‘ Police arrived at the hotel and arrested Pettway, Westly and Vang.

The girl, a runaway from Sacramento County, was placed in protective custody.

Police praised the Uber driver’s response to the situation ‘He could’ve said nothing.

FULL STORY: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4074106/Hero-Uber-driver-saves-16-year-old-sex-trafficking-victim-driving-girl-two-pimps-hotel-meet-20-year-old-John.html

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