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Watch a 1950s TV villain named ‘Trump’ try to con people into building a wall

While President Donald Trump traveled to the U.S.-Mexico border on Thursday to lobby for support of his border wall plan, the internet was buzzing about a 60-year-old clip from an old TV Western that features a villain named Trump pitching an idea for a wall to protect the townspeople.

Yes, just like The Simpsons, it seems the old show Trackdown perfectly predicted a moment of the Trump presidency well before Donald Trump came to power.

In the clip, a con man named Walter Trump uses extreme fear-mongering to convince people that they need a wall to protect them from the “end of the world.” But this Trump faces a skeptical opponent in Texas Ranger Hoby Gilman (played by actor Robert Gulp).

The entire clip is so on point that, during a confrontation, the Trump character even threatens to sue Gilman.

The clip first surfaced in 2016, but it has picked up new steam in recent days with the ongoing debate over funding for President Trump’s border wall.

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